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If you have any information about these crimes or any person(s) involved, you are urged to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 542-7867 or submit a Web Tip .  You do not have to give your name.  If your tip leads to a felony arrest, PUEBLO CRIME STOPPERS will pay a cash reward of up to $2,000 and you can remain anonymous.

NOTICE:  The information contained in this Website has been compiled from a number of sources and is subject to change without notice. We have attempted to provide current and accurate information, but incorrect information may appear on the pages. Should you come across any inaccurate information, please bring it to our attention via the contact page as soon as possible.

This server is generally available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Timely delivery of data and products from this server through the Internet is not guaranteed.

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9/22/2014 - Stolen Auto/Theft Suspects
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Public Assistance Needed in Identifying Stolen Auto/Theft Suspects:

On August 11, 2014 at about 4:20 pm, police officers were dispatched to the Sears store located in the Pueblo Mall regarding a theft which had just occurred. Officers received information that two male parties had ran out of the store with four Craftsman brand tool sets valued at more than $1,000.00.

The suspects fled the scene in a1994 gold Toyota Camry which was later recovered on the frontage road. Investigation revealed that the car had been stolen four days earlier during a burglary from an auto body repair shop on Club Manor Drive. The suspects tried to change the appearance of the car by painting the front portion white.

Both of the suspects were described as being Hispanic, in their 20`s. One male was thin with a dark complexion. He was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. He appeared to have dark colored hair that was shaved.

The second suspect was also thin but had a light complexion. He was wearing a white tank top, dark shorts, white shoes, and a black baseball hat with a grey bill. His left arm and shoulder were covered with tattoos.

Witnesses reported seeing a woman driving the car. The female was described as also having a thin build and was about 5’ 5” with long black hair in a pony tail, wearing cut off jean capris.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident or the identity of the suspects, you are urged to contact Pueblo Crime Stoppers @ 542-STOP (542-7867). You can remain anonymous, and if your information leads to a felony arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.  14-14622 / 14-14430

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9/12/2014 - Homicide at Pixie Inn

On Thursday, September 11th just after 1:00 am, Pueblo Police responded to the Pixie Inn Bar (located at 440 S. Santa Fe) regarding a disturbance.  Officers found Ray Castro in the parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound.  Castro was transported to a hospital where he passed away due to his injuries.

Detectives have been investigating the homicide and have conducted numerous interviews, but are seeking additional information.  If you have any information on this case, you are urged to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers @ 542-STOP (542-7867).  14-016689

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8/7/2014 - Identity Theft Suspects
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Pueblo Crime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help with information about an Identity Theft that occurred at Loaf n’ Jug (3980 Ivywood Lane) on July 29th, 2014 between 3:45 am and 4:45 am.  Two suspects, a man and a woman, entered the store and purchased several gift cards using a stolen debit card.


The woman appears to be Hispanic, early 20’s, with dark hair to the middle of her back.  She is wearing dark colored tight fitting clothes.  Her male companion appears to be Hispanic, in his 20’s, tall, with tattoos on his left and right forearms.


If you have any information on these individuals you are urged to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers @ 542-STOP (542-7867).  14-014367

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7/1/2014 - Burglary - Loaf n Jug
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On 06/20/2014 at approximately 3:43 am, Pueblo Police were sent to Loaf n Jug (4001 Jerry Murphy Rd.) regarding a burglary alarm.  Upon arrival, officers observed that the front door on the south side of the building was broken out.  A search was conducted, but nobody was found inside.


Video surveillance shows a male breaking the glass and entering the store around 3:40 am.  The male left with approximately $2,500 worth of cigarettes.  The suspect was described as wearing a blue hoodie, face mask, blue jeans, black shoes, and gloves. 


If you have any information on this individual you are urged to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers @ 542-STOP (542-7867).  14-11254

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6/19/2014 - Armed Robbery - 7-11
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Pueblo Police responded to a report of an armed robbery at 7-11, located at 804 E. 4th St., around 11:00 pm on 06/17/2014.  According to witnesses, an adult male entered the store and demanded money while pointing a large black gun at the clerk’s face.  After the suspect took money from the cash drawer, he demanded cartons of cigarettes from the clerk.  The suspect took the cash and cigarettes and fled through an alleyway on foot.


The suspect is described as an adult Hispanic male, approximately 6’ tall, 200 pounds, wearing a black T-shirt over a white long sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and a blue shirt wrapped around his face.


If you have any information on this individual you are urged to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers @ 542-STOP (542-7867).  14-011103

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6/5/2014 - Identity Theft SuspectsSOLVED
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Sometime during the evening of April 20, 2014, someone forced open the passenger door of a car parked in the 4000 block of Baltimore Avenue.  The suspect(s) stole several items from the car, including a credit card.

The stolen credit card was taken to a local business where 2 suspects attempted to purchase electronics.  Surveillance cameras captured photos of the suspects.

The first suspect is described as a black male with a thin build.  He was bald and wore a white button-up shirt over a dark colored shirt.  The second suspect is described as a white male with a larger build.  He had long dark hair and wore a black t-shirt and black pants.

If you have any information on these individuals you are urged to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers @ 542-STOP (542-7867).  14-007202

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4/15/2014 - Crimes Against an At-Risk Adult/Felony Theft
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Pueblo Police investigated an incident where two Hispanic females scammed an elderly female out of $9,000.  The victim was approached by one of the suspects while she was at the Walmart pharmacy (4200 Dillon Dr.) on 04/07/2014.  The suspect was speaking Spanish and asked the victim for a ride to the Immigration office.  As the first suspect and the victim were talking, a second female suspect walked up and joined in the conversation.  The victim stated that she was trying to decipher what the first suspect was asking when the second suspect claimed to be fluent in Spanish and began translating the conversation.


The first suspect produced a lottery ticket and stated that another woman offered her $10,000 for the ticket, which was worth several million dollars, but she couldn’t cash it because she is an illegal alien.  The 2 suspects and the victim called a phone number listed on the back of the lottery ticket and spoke to an unknown male on speakerphone.  The second suspect and the male spoke in Spanish and the second suspect stated that the male instructed her that since the ticket holder was not a legal citizen, she would need 2 people with verified identification and a certain amount of money to claim the prize.


The suspects convinced the victim to take them to the victim’s bank, where she withdrew $9,000 cash and put it in her purse.  The victim then drove the two suspects to another local bank where the second suspect was supposed to withdraw money and they would meet back at the victim’s car.  The suspects never returned and the victim found her envelope containing $9,000 in cash had been replaced by a similar envelope containing regular paper that had been cut to the size of dollar bills. 


A surveillance photo of the 2 female suspects is below.  The first suspect is described as a Hispanic female, 35-40 years old, with brown hair, green or gray eyes, wearing a blue jacket and black pants.  The second suspect is described as a Hispanic female, 35-40 years old, with long black hair and wearing a black top.


If you have any information on these individuals you are urged to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers @ 542-STOP (542-7867).  14-006301

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4/10/2014 - Theft at Discount Cycle Works
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Pueblo Police responded to a theft report at Discount Cycle Works (1405 W. 4th St.) on 03/15/2014.  The investigation revealed that a white 1999 6’x12’ Interstate enclosed cargo trailer was stolen from the back of the business between 4:49 am and 5:09 am.

Surveillance video shows an older two-tone brown/white Ford pickup pull into the alley between Discount Cycle Works and a hot tub business.  A male passenger wearing a baseball cap gets out of the pickup and walks down the alleyway toward the back of the business.  A short time later, the male walks back to the pickup and a female with long hair gets out of the driver’s side and walks to the passenger side so the male can drive the pickup.  The male drives the pickup to where the trailer is parked, backs up to hook up to the trailer and drives off with the trailer at approximately 5:09 am.

The stolen trailer has worn out stickers on the side that say ”Rocky Mountain Cycle” and more worn stickers on the back door. 

If you have any information on this incident you are urged to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers @ 542-STOP (542-7867).  14-004791.

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3/24/2014 - Attempted Strong Arm Robbery
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Pueblo Police were sent to the area of the St. Francis Xavier Church, near Logan and Pine, regarding an attempted strong arm robbery on 03/10/2014 around 1:11 pm.  Witnesses reported that an elderly woman was knocked to the ground and drug for about 6 feet while an occupant in the passenger side of silver car leaned out and grabbed the woman’s purse.  The suspect vehicle fled northbound on Pine.  The elderly woman was treated for lacerations to her face and hands at a local hospital.


Witnesses described the suspect vehicle as a silver, late model Cadillac or Lincoln type sedan with out of state license plates.  The driver and passenger of the suspect vehicle were described as young Hispanic females, thin builds, wearing hooded sweat shirts.


If you have any information on this incident you are urged to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers @ 542-STOP (542-7867).  14-004451

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